The updated version of OfficeExpert 3.2 is focused on helping enterprise organizations understand the usage trends within their Microsoft 365 environment, drive targeted adoption campaigns, and address problems they face with licensing management. The new version is jam-packed with improvements and new capabilities, many of which were inspired by the challenges our customers face every day. For instance, optimizing license management and controlling costs for M365 is a major headache for most IT organizations around the world.

Three new features include the following:

  • Usage Comparison Analytics Between Different Workloads
  • License Management Reporting and Chargeback Accounting
  • Configurable Alerts for Users / Managers / Admins based on Trigger Events

Specific capabilities included in the previous release of OfficeExpert enabled IT groups to compare Teams and Exchange/E-Mail analytics. This was such a popular reporting feature that we have extended it in the latest version.  Now organizations can compare Skype usage with Teams, file sharing between OneDrive and SharePoint, as well as more in-depth analytics about E-Mail usage compared with Teams communications and content sharing.

For organizations that want to be more proactive in driving targeted adoption campaigns, they need a data analytics toolset to provide the insights to group employees based on accurate usage metrics across all M365 workloads. This will help them build targeted marketing campaigns for users with different levels of digital maturity on Teams and other M365 applications.

File Sharing Comparison – OneDrive vs. SharePoint

2. License Management Reporting

Microsoft 365 uses a subscription-based, software cost model. Customers choose the licenses they need based on their user count, purchase them from Microsoft as part of a yearly agreement, and then deploy them as needed. However, almost every organization we spoke with is oversubscribed and paying for more licenses than they use. To help our customers accurately track their license usage, reclaim inactive licenses, and optimize their subscriptions, we have implemented new data analytics and reporting in OfficeExpert 3.2.

There are three focus areas for license management included in the new release.  These will help organizations be more proactive with their license monitoring and enable them to repurpose available licenses instead of purchasing additional ones.

  1. Identify inactive accounts and reclaim those licenses
  2. Easily spot overlapping / redundant licenses so they can be removed
  3. Repurpose unused specialty licenses (i.e. PowerBI Pro, Project, Visio, etc.)

The example reports shown below are a subset of the new, detailed metrics provided by OfficeExpert 3.2.
You can also read more about it in our Use Case “Proactive Monitoring and License Management to Drive Cost Savings

License Management Report – Summary of Licenses by Department, Country, etc.
License Management Report – Cost Saving Opportunities

3. Configurable Alert Notifications

Finally, the most exciting new feature comes from customizable alert notifications that can be sent out via e-mail or shown in Teams using adaptive cards. Based on configurable trigger events, IT admins can choose to send out communications to end users directly, or to department managers based on the type of message. For monthly chargeback billing reports that are generated on the first of every month, they can be setup to trigger an e-mail message to each business unit manager that includes a copy of their associated user list and licensing costs.

These types of event-based alerts are especially useful for sending targeted communications to end users based on their activity metrics. Tailored messages can deliver information to users who rely solely on e-mail to communicate, and can include links to training videos or tips-and-tricks to help users improve their collaboration productivity by leveraging the more advanced features available in Teams or other M365 applications.

Read more in our Use Case “Automated Alerts based on Accurate Data Analytics“.

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