2021 Highlights

Wishing all our customers and partners a happy holiday season! This year has seen some fantastic growth at panagenda as we continue to expand our solution offerings for Microsoft and HCL customers. It has been a pleasure working with all of you around the world. Your feedback has enabled us to evolve and enhance our solutions to meet new business challenges.

The biggest news from 2021 was of course the acquisition of Perfrax, a top-tier SaaS solution vendor with a focus on endpoint performance monitoring. Adding their capabilities to our OfficeExpert product line has been a huge benefit for our Microsoft customers. Also, this year, we again went above and beyond to where no (wo)man has gone before for our HCL customers. Plus, we released some cool new and free plugins.

But to be totally honest, the best part of our year was seeing how our customers were empowered with our software solutions. The IT operations groups at our customers reported amazing time and cost savings from our products. This brought a huge smile to everyone at panagenda.

And the word is getting out. Even without many in-person events this year we had loads of new enterprise organizations reach out to us. In 2021 we had a whopping growth of 200% more attendees at our regular webinars.

Goals for 2022

So what will next year bring? We are planning to make some big leaps in 2022!

Most importantly, panagenda turns 15 next year! We are proud and grateful to each and everyone, our colleagues, customers, partners, friends and families for being a part of our journey!

For now, we won’t spoil the fun of what all we have up our sleeves for next year. Now is the time to relax, to love, to smile, laugh and re-energize!

We are very much looking forward to seeing you next year and to sharing many exciting news with you then!

Happy Holidays 2021 and here’s to 2022!

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