“All the Microsoft Teams analytics companies and Microsoft itself provide limited information on the true user experience of all their employees, resulting in reduced productivity and value,” says Florian Vogler, co-founder and CEO of panagenda.

After 2-3 months of partnering with Perfrax and entering the market with new additions to our OfficeExpert suite, panagenda experienced traction that took 2-3 years with other products. It was clear what our next step should be. With our acquisition of Perfrax, we bring together distributed and holistic data collection with central analysis, reporting, and automation under one roof, ensuring highest productivity and value for companies using Microsoft 365.

Florian Vogler, co-founder & CEO (panagenda)

“With many companies expecting that 30-40% of their workforce will remain remote, we knew our strength in monitoring remote, work-from-home users was going to be in even higher demand.  And I could see that Perfrax would need to grow or join a larger organization to capture the market.  Joining panagenda was the obvious choice.  By joining panagenda, our clients benefit from the leadership and global scale of one of the leading companies for collaboration landscape analytics and management,” says Gary Steere, the former Perfrax CEO who will run panagenda’s research division as Chief Research Officer (CRO).

Together, we create ground-breaking SaaS offerings in Microsoft Azure, and leverage AI for timesaving and predictive analytics. This will give our clients a clear competitive advantage.

Gary Steere, the former Perfrax CEO

About panagenda

With 14 years of experience in the field of analyzing and optimizing collaboration landscapes, panagenda is a global leader. Customers with more than 12 million licenses in over 70 countries rely on panagenda to ensure optimal value and cost of ownership of their collaboration platforms. panagenda has a world-wide presence with offices in the US, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria (HQ), and a strong partner network across the globe. For more information, follow panagenda on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or visit www.panagenda.com.

About Perfrax

Perfrax is the creator of true digital experience monitoring (TrueDEM) for Microsoft 365. TrueDEM accurately identifies the scope and impact of a problem, isolates root causes, and pinpoints problem areas with precision.

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