Dear customers, partners, panagendians, families, friends, and visitors! Reviewing the past year fulfills me with great thankfulness. First and foremost, I would like to thank our many customers and partners for choosing or confirming us as your supplier in 2022. Succeeding in earning and maintaining your trust is the greatest accolade we can achieve, both individually and as a company.

To panagenda, 2022 has been both a rewarding and challenging year. A loving shoutout goes out to all our panagendians and their families: Thank you for everything you do for panagenda. With the support from your families, it is you and your work that defines the success of panagenda.

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Our people, working with our customers and partners, and a strong close to the year, are of course the biggest rewards, like – humbly – every year. On top, 2022 added three more: First, a year into the acquisition of Perfrax, and with it, more importantly, Gary Steere and Julien Vecchioli joining us and helping us shape our present and future in the Microsoft market as one company. Second, our continued partnership with HCL, in which a special thank you is due to the developers we have the joy and honor to work with (you know who you are!). And finally, …

panagenda celebrated its 15th anniversary this year!

Below you can have a glimpse of how we celebrated together.

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To no surprise and like for many, our biggest challenges were the Ukraine war, COVID less prominent, but continued, customers and markets being affected by supply chain issues, working from home vs the office, and how social media – or more so interaction between people – is evolving. All these challenges lead me to express a wish for not only the upcoming festive season but the future in general.

Now… I have a wish!

To me, more and more conversations (or non-conversations, unspoken thoughts, or words spoken behind the backs of others) – both digital and physical – are disturbingly insulting, dividing, destructive, aggressive, taking sides, with lack of wanting to even understand others, and of similar tone and patterns. Be good. Be helpful, positive, constructive, mentoring, uniting, understanding, loving, caring, passionate, build bridges, include others, be inclusive, thoughtful, embracing, and patient.

You would make my day if you responded us on social media with a single positive, nice, kind, wonderful word for others to take into the new year and beyond. It does not need to be a new word – just emphasize one that helps us all.

Whoever you are…

I and everyone from panagenda wishes you and your beloved ones: health, happiness, love, success, and a zillion reasons to smile for every day to come… and Happy Holidays!