In any organization, transparency is an area affecting every user. Too little transparency results in too little knowledge being shared that can benefit others. This retards digital adaptation.

Lack of transparency and 3 user types

  • End Users should be able to quickly find public and private Teams they wish to join.
  • Teams Owners should be able to track Team activity in order to manage and facilitate activities more effectively.
  • Administrators can benefit from operational details such as orphaned teams or Team Site storage quota information details to proactively ensure an efficient, healthy and clean operating environment.

Let your secretly stored knowledge boost your productivity

Breaking down the barriers to full transparency and the flow of knowledge encourages collaboration and productivity. We all know everyone benefits if we work more transparently, whenever it’s applicable, and if the solution provides and offers transparency across all areas all the better.

Microsoft provides some tools to help, but the functionality is limited. They do not provide a level of transparency that meets everyone’s needs. They illuminate only a tiny part of your entire MS Teams landscape.

How different user types can get the most from Teams

The lack of transparency that is native to Teams can lead to frustration which impedes adoption. This, in turn, negatively impacts your organization’s strategic goals to improve productivity and efficiency.

Improving transparency can assist each user group in the following ways:

  • Giving the end user an easy way to access and find what they are searching for.
  • Enabling Teams owners to discover hidden knowledge to better manage their Teams
  • Ensuring administrators have environment insights to provide a healthy operating environment.

A better overview leads to more efficiency

These are just a few of the reasons why we developed OfficeExpert’s Teams Analytics module. With it, you get access to everything that happens inside of MS Teams. You can make better decisions and for a more effective transformation process within your own company.

I am certain you have your own stories to share on the topic of transparency. I’d love to hear all about them in the comments below. Hit me with your best story!

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