Congratulations to the IBM Champions 2019. An extensive sorting process through 2000 nominations, saw the election of 635 Champs. Quite a few of you have already shared your joy of being (re-)elected and on January 16, Libby Ingrassia, lead of the IBM Champion Program worldwide, officially announced all of them.

Congratulations to all of you!

In the past, our IBM Champions were exclusively grouped within the ICS faction considering our focus on collaborative environments. This year we have expanded our repertoire with Nico Meisenzahl making it into the IBM Cloud category.

Business Consultant for Social Business, Analytics & ECM. Explains “how Nerds tick” to Users & “How Users quirk” to Nerds.

Nico Meisenzahl

@panagenda Consultant, @soccnx & @DockerRosenheim team member. Blogger, speaker & IBM Champion. Loves DevOps, K8s & Connections. His desk is a ping pong table.

Human, CEO, Collaboration Enthusiast, Analytics Aficionado, believes in 1+1=3

Leonario. Social Business, Digital Transformation & Analytics Adviser. Wirearchist. People Enabler & Digital Humanist. #NoeMail Pioneer. #latituddevida lover

Senior Consultant. Husband. Speaker. IBM Champion. Geek. Frequent Traveller. Bass guitar player. Loves football and a beer with friends.

Senior Consultant. Connections Expert. Addicted to coffee. Bavarian IBM Champion, husband, dad. Linux lover and Android User.

Product Manager, Java/Eclipse developer. IBM Champion since 2011. Doesn’t know left from right. Hates sandpaper.

Obviously, we’re extremely happy with the IBM Champions 2019 and would like to thank everybody for their nominations. Again congratulation and a special HOORAY to all of you. You will be honored in our own way by featuring you in our weekly #ChampionTuesday social media series that has also featured the Champs of 2018 and 2017. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn to witness your moment.

Here’s to a prosperous and most importantly FUN 2019!