You may have already heard from IBM and HCL’s announcement at CollabSphere that we’ve been working together to provide an easier, faster and cheaper way to the upcoming Notes 10: MarvelClient Essentials.

While the intent is for MarvelClient Essentials to be built directly into the Notes 10.x Client later this year, we’re proud to announce that you can download and install it on your current IBM Notes 9.x Clients – free of charge – starting October 3rd. What a perfect way to get ready for IBM Notes 10!

If you are new to MarvelClient: It is the fastest and most capable IBM Notes Client Management solution, with more than 11 million licenses sold in over 70 countries.

The free MarvelClient Essentials now makes some of this functionality available to everyone, such as:

  • Continuously analyze and visualize IBM Notes workspace, client configuration, and operating system details
  • Take stock of your client deployment complexity and inconsistencies
  • Deploy files – such as your Notes 10 upgrade image, run programs, and manage the Windows Registry
  • Provide IT, helpdesk, and management with all necessary details, facts, and figures
  • Identify pitfalls during upgrades such as insufficient resources or non-standard installations
  • Prepare a more efficient upgrade path, reduce risk and helpdesk tickets

The above are just a few examples, to learn more about MarvelClient Essentials and how it can help you, please sign up for our webinars here, or visit our website. Our knowledge base has more details on how MarvelClient works.

panagenda is very excited to share MarvelClient’s unrivaled functionality with the world! We are honored to be a part of IBM Notes and IBM Domino itself. Being recognized as the leading vendor in the Notes Client Management solutions space makes us very proud! A big thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the years!

We have one more major announcement up our sleeve that will blow your socks off, so be sure to get on our mailing list to be the first to know about this powerful surprise soon! We look forward to sharing more in our webinar and helping you get ready for IBM Notes 10!