One Product – Two Owners

You pay Microsoft for Office 365, but you never really own it. That’s because your Office 365 solution resides in Microsoft’s datacenters. Microsoft controls the timing of the product’s evolution. They are often the sole source for problem resolution when you have performance issues.

The dual ownership issue is one of the main reasons that companies opt for hybrid deployments that allow them to benefit from cloud collaboration capabilities along with keeping control over the on-premises part of the deployment.

No matter how you choose to deploy, OfficeExpert is there for you. It provides visibility across on-premise, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid platforms so you can respond to issues quickly and keep your application running smoothly.

Service Interruptions

Microsoft’s standard SLA guarantees 99.9% of Office 365 uptime. Whenever they fail to achieve this goal, users should be compensated with service credits.

Sadly, outages do occur, and they occur all too frequently. Credits are nice after the fact. But, when your Skype goes down mid-conference, or you can no longer send or receive emails, credits are of no interest at all. Backups must be in place to keep your organization performing even when Microsoft does not.

When services stop, seconds count if you don’t want to have your operations come to a stop. OfficeExpert’s Monitoring IQ and Smart Benchmarking provide real-time, proactive, service outage alerts often up to 30 minutes and more before Microsoft does. Have the time you need when you need to implement Plan B.

Data Security

Data Security is a hot topic for every organization. The ability to monitor your internal users’ activities as well as third party access and permissions is essential for protecting sensitive information.

OfficeExpert makes these tasks easy. A mouse click reveals your Data Leakage Potential. Third party apps and the Teams that use them are listed real-time in a single dashboard. Another click and you’re in Guest Insights.

This is another easy-to-read dashboard in which you’ll see listed all your guests and the Teams in which they are active.

Dealing with risk is so much easier when you know the location and magnitude of your exposure.


Office 365 does not lend itself to easy customization. OfficeExpert offers a range of opportunities for you to have your data where and how you wish to have it.

  • Customizable Alerts permit you to define the performance metrics and user activities that are important to you. You’ll receive early warning when unwanted variances occur.
  • BI Integration means you can have your data displayed where it makes sense to you. No more bouncing back and forth between apps to try and get a complete overview of what’s going on.
  • Advanced Search Functionality lets everyone easily find public and private Teams using wildcards to search not only for names, but for descriptions as well.

These are just a few of the ways you can adapt OfficeExpert to address your individual needs.

Adoption Roadblocks

Office 365 is a tool that should increase your efficiency and productivity. It should do a lot and the price tag reflects that. But, it won’t do a thing unless your people are using it. That’s why ensuring full user adoption is crucial to get the full value from your digital workplace investment.

OfficeExpert provides you the tools you need to provide a stable platform that ensures end-users can rely on the performance of their Office 365 tools. Each of the Office 365 services has its own dashboard that display real-time performance statistics at a glance.

User activity metrics are readily available. See how and how often your organization is using Office 365 and break this information down by geographic location, by Team, and by individual user. Find your Office 365 heroes and zeros.

These are just a few of the common Microsoft pains. No doubt, some if not all of them are already familiar to you. Find out how else OfficeExpert can make your life easier. Get in touch. Let’s see what we can do for you!