Bandwidth capacity can be a bottleneck for performance. That’s why it’s always a source of concern.

But, it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools, bandwidth can be a friend.

That’s what happened to Hank. Last year his company was migrating their Office 365 from a completely local installation to the cloud. It was a big, high-profile project. The company was investing a lot of money to get on board with the digital workplace evolution. There were high expectations from the board, and Hank was in charge.

Where to begin?

Hank knew his company’s ability to handle the potentially huge increase in bandwidth capacity demand was crucial for delivering a seamless transition. When board members are suddenly waiting for their emails, they’d coming to Hank to find out why!

Fortunately, Hank had OfficeExpert’s Ops Analytics module already in place. He was able to use its “Smart Bot” simulation technology to measure true, real-time performance for his Office 365 applications. Not only was he able to measure performance within his office.

He was able to measure performance globally across every location. He then accessed the data in an easy to understand format in the Simulations dashboard.

Smart Bot

How to onboard thousands of users without a hassle

Hank was able to establish benchmark standards for all his applications before a single user had logged on. From there, he began to stress test. He gradually added users in blocks of 500 until all 10,000 users were on board. With the addition of each new block of users, Hank was able to see the effect on performance before adding the next tranche.

This phased rollout approach ensured the bandwidth was never overloaded. Performance levels were maintained throughout the migration process. Whenever a potential problem appeared, Hank stopped adding users until the issue could be resolved.

How to onboard thousands of users without a hassle

Providing good aftercare of a migration project and beyond

Once the migration was successfully complete, the value of measuring bandwidth did not diminish. Ongoing performance needed to be maintained. The effects of changes to the system need to be monitored. Having established benchmarks from the very beginning of the migration process, Hank was able to compare current and historical performance. Trends were easily recognized. Small problems were resolved before they became big ones.Thanks to OfficeExpert’s Ops Analytics, Hank was able to turn bandwidth from being a roadblock to facilitator. That’s why Hank now runs the IT department!

Providing good aftercare of a migration project and beyond