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Keep communication and collaboration flowing in your organization.

OfficeExpert is a modular solution that significantly improves productivity, end user experience and job satisfaction using unrivaled Office 365 performance measurement and monitoring technology.

What Are Your Options?

Ops Analytics


Enjoy the best end-user-experience possible with end-to-end intelligence covering your entire Office 365 working environment.

Popular Features

  • Advanced simulation bot technology
  • Ground-breaking analytics
  • Early warning for Office 365 outages

Teams Analytics


Gain unparalleled insights that make your Teams easier to manage. Learn what is being used, who is using it, where it’s being used and how it’s being used.

Popular Features

  • Connected Workforce Visualization
  • Global Engagement Monitor
  • Data Leakage Detector



Have it all! Don’t risk any blindspots in your Office 365 environment.

Popular Features

  • Connected Workforce Visualization
  • Global Engagement Monitor
  • Advanced simulation bot technology
  • Ground-breaking analytics

See the differences OfficeExpert makes

Microsoft default
Virtual VM Appliance (data never leaves your organization)    
End user experience simulations    
Real time performance monitoring    
Mail Flow and Azure Sync Simulations    
MS Teams App    
Realtime alerting and enterprise integration   partly
Open BI integration   Power BI only
Self-service BI integration (Metabase)    
Basic O365 activity data    
In-depth MS Teams data collection and analysis    
Connected workforce analysis    
Data leakage potential analysis for MS Teams apps    
Storage Impact analysis of Teams Sites    
User, department, region adaptation report   partly
External user activity analysis   partly
Unlimited historical data collection   Up to 28 days
Full access to historical data    
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What Can You Do?

Benchmark your deployment.

  • Know the true end-user experience through cutting-edge smart-bot technology.
  • Monitor system performance 24/7 with automated, user-defined event alerts for early problem detection before the end-user is affected.
  • Get deep-dive usage and performance analysis for the heart of your digital workspace – MS Teams.

More Information

  • Receive high level performance reporting and analysis for SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams and much more.
  • Eliminate orphaned and unused Teams to keep the database running cleanly and efficiently.
  • Avoid expensive breakdowns by being alerted to problems early and dealing with them before they get out of control.

Communicate insights effectively.

  • Visualize the internal and external interaction of your distributed, connected workforce.
  • Get a better understanding of usage and interaction by department and application.
  • Improve transparency for actual usage and adaptation rates.

More Information

  • Monitor guest usage to understand interaction with external stakeholders.
  • Build and integrate analytics within the organizational infrastructure through BI Integration.

Innovate on new ways of working.

  • Make your company’s Office 365 experience a critical competitive differentiator.
  • Future-proof your organization with complete scalability.
  • Maximize ROI on digital workspace investment by encouraging user adoption.

More Information

  • Monitor SLA compliance with unrivaled outage and system performance reporting.
  • Rationalize Azure cloud storage utilization to reduce running costs.
  • Ensure data security with on-premise and Azure data analysis and storage.

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