#2 HCL Nomad Web 101: Skip the Mistakes and Get on the Fast Track



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Nomad Web is HCL’s answer for the future of Notes/Domino. It is a (mostly) new client, built on a new and promising technology stack (WebAssembly). But: New tech brings new challenges. Many of the ways you used to solve common operational challenges for Notes no longer apply or need to be rethought.

Your priority is to find ways to minimize productivity loss and support tickets such a big change will undoubtedly bring. You need to train users, optimize the client and user experience, and deal with new technical challenges you face by living inside a browser. This means you need in-depth knowledge of this new client and the platform it runs on – all of which is new, in constant flux, and there’s not too many online resources to be found and learned from. Altogether an enormous task. To top it off, there’s some fundamental challenges such as running Nomad on Citrix (without reinstalling and wiping their settings every time a user logs in). But don’t despair: We can help!

In this webinar, HCL Ambassador and rock star Christoph Adler will provide you leading edge insights and lessons learned from working with Nomad Web from before the first public beta.

Learn how Nomad works, how users experience it in their daily work, what to be careful about, what to look for when problems occur, and how to handle common operational scenarios. Skip a few months of struggling by yourself and instead start into the new world with a solid foundation.

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#3 The Times They Are a-Changin’: Domino Applications in the New World of HCL Nomad Web | June 08, 2022 4:00 pm
#4 Unlocking the Full Potential of HCL Nomad Web with MarvelClient | June 29, 2022 4:00 pm

What you will learn

  • Details about PWA
  • What happens the first time a user starts Nomad Web (slow start, CPU load)
  • Supported browsers and versions
  • What users can expect in daily use
  • Browser cache behavior and influence on user experience
  • Thoughts on Nomad Web and Citrix/VDI

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