Microsoft MVP Faceoff: TrueDEM or Microsoft CQD Powered Troubleshooting?



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No one wants to attend the standard product webinar just a few days before the holiday season… but this Microsoft MVP faceoff is not going to be a standard webinar. Although previous product demons on “Lessons Learned: Insights to Improve Support for MS Teams in a Hybrid Work Environment” and “Next Level Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions: The Key to Elevate Work-From-Anywhere” have successfully provided valuable information on how to optimize support for Teams in a hybrid work environment, this one is going to be different.

This webinar, on the other hand, is going to be a technical battle between experts. Moreover, we’re going to bring in two Microsoft technology heavyweights for a heated discussion around a hot topic. In one corner will be 5-time Microsoft MVP Jason Wynn. And facing off against him will be panagenda’s own Gary Steere. Gary is one of a few hundred people in the world that has earned Microsoft’s coveted Microsoft Certified Master or Microsoft Certified Solutions Master titles.

The Battle Ground: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams call quality using TrueDEM’s data ONLY, or troubleshooting with CQD data, including combining that data with other information. This is no easy fight. Jason has deep real-world experience combining CQD data or Teams call records in a variety of methods. Equally important, Jason knows how to squeeze value from that data that most people do not. But we think you need more for accurate root cause analysis on Teams to call quality issues.

You do not want to miss this webinar. It is going to be fun. After all, it is going to be a real BATTLE ROYALE!

Meet the Speakers
Jason Wynn – Microsoft MVP
Microsoft is hard-wired into Jason’s DNA. He is a Principal Technology Strategist at Content and Cloud in the United Kingdom. In addition, he is a Microsoft 365 Apps & Services MVP with two decades of experience with Microsoft Intelligent Communications including Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. In addition to his day job, Jason also runs the Microsoft Cloud User Group in London and Birmingham, the annual Evolve Conference, a successful blog, and co-host of the All About 365 Podcast. Lastly, he loves sharing his knowledge with those inside the industry and covering anyone who hasn’t already seen the light.

Gary Steere – Microsoft Certified Master
Gary is technically distinguished, having earned a rare and demanding Microsoft certification. Out of the tens of millions of individuals who have earned Microsoft certifications, less than 500 hundred individuals in the world have ever earned the title Exchange Ranger / Microsoft Certified Master or Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (all of which Gary holds). Besides, today Gary serves as panagenda’s Chief Product Officer on Microsoft Solutions. He ensures that panagenda is prepared to meet current and future customer needs.

Hosted by

Jason Wynn

Jason Wynn

Microsoft MVP and Principal Technology Strategist

Content and Cloud