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Why you need monitoring to keep your Microsoft 365 journey successful



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“Why should you even care about end-to-end monitoring and User Experience Monitoring?” Spoiler alert, you should!

In a world where Microsoft 365 and hybrid/remote work are becoming the norm, not the exception, you should be able to support your users end-to-end. Wherever they are and at whatever time. But with services in the cloud and users constantly moving around between home / remote networks as well as company-controlled infrastructure, traditional methods often struggle. Leaving out important factors that can impact your user’s ‘journey’ and giving you false or incomplete pictures of what’s really going on.
Join this 30min session by Christop Adler with real-life examples to learn more about what User Experience end-to-end monitoring really is, why it’s not the same as what traditional monitoring solutions offer and, most importantly, why it matters and what you should expect from it.

In this session we will talk about

  • Traditional monitoring techniques vs modern
  • ‘Expected normal’ vs industry benchmark monitoring.
  • How User Experience Monitoring can help ensure quality of service, lift user satisfaction and drive productivity.
  • Why other companies who started using it, can’t do without anymore.
  • How you can greatly increase your user’s satisfaction rates and overall Microsoft 365 cloud success.

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March 12, 2024

4pm CET | 11am EDT

Session 1

Why you need monitoring to keep your Microsoft 365 journey successful

Discover the essence of end-to-end User Experience Monitoring in Microsoft 365 era. Join Christoph Adler for a 30-min session to understand its importance.

April 09, 2024

4pm CEST | 10am EDT

Session 2

Why device, WIFI, and ISP insights are crucial to supporting remote Microsoft 365 users

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May 07, 2024

4pm CEST | 10am EDT

Session 3

Why Teams Call analytics are critical to your entire business

Boost Microsoft Teams call quality support! Join Christoph Adler for analytics insights, troubleshooting, and real-life examples. Ensure a happy user experience.