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Whether you’re just getting started or ready to expand your skills and knowledge of our data analytics solutions, we can show you how to optimize your application landscape and enhance operational efficiency.

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Leverage our experience, tips, and time‑saving steps to help you tap into the full potential of the panagenda family of products.


Self-Study Learning

  • Learn, apply and grow at your own pace
  • Awesome tutorials and a variety of   scenario based study material at your fingertips
  • Dive into the world of publicly available content – all free of charge

Onsite Classroom Training

  • Complete real-world exercises based on topics relevant to your requirements
  • Hands-on, classroom-based training conducted around the world
  • Tailored to your organization’s needs

Premium Coaching Services

  • Develop a team of experts with specialized and dedicated mentoring resources
  • Meet critical business objectives or milestones with an assigned panagenda product specialist

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Extra material to complement your training.


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One page instructional sheets place tips and tricks right at your fingertips

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