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DataMiner Webinar Series

In 2018 we bring to you DataMiner, a product by panagenda that is integrated as an add-on solution to a number of products in our portfolio. For a seamless introduction we have planned webinars to show you how your existing subscriptions have become even more powerful with DataMiner!

by Daniel Klas

Our DataMiner webinar series shows you how your existing panagenda solutions are now even more powerful! Introducing DataMiner, our integrated add-on solution to a number of products in our anayltics portfolio.

DataMiner at a glance

With DataMiner you can define your individual questions in a comprehensive editor using the database query language SQL. You will be supported by features such as the graphical analysis of your query statements. Your panagenda AnalyticsSolution product will be even more comprehensive with DataMiner and will better address your customer specific questions.

To analyze your questions, panagenda DataMiner provides a comprehensive user interface for sorting, grouping, and aggregating data from queries, which includes rendering in a freely editable pivot table. The edited information can be exported as CSV or Microsoft Excel file.

With an open web interface, the individually created data can be transferred into existing solutions. It is possible to parameterize these calls to achieve even deeper integration of the answers sought and an even greater interaction with an existing panagenda AnalyticsSolutions product.

DataMiner for ApplicationInsights

DataMiner for OfficeExpert

DataMiner for ConnectionsExpert

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