With OfficeExpert v1.5 we added SharePoint to our Quality of Service and Monitoring frameworks. From now on you can simulate certain end user tasks inside any of your SharePoint sites in a fully automated manner. Even better, you get notified proactively in case of performance degradations and don’t need to always get distracted by checking your KPIs manually.

Besides the general simulation steps such as authentication, checking the duration to access specific sites, uploading / downloading a file to the Document Library of the site, you can now also perform ongoing advanced ContentClass searches within SharePoint.

How to use the power of ContentClass Searches and why you should care

Go ahead and take a look at the blog post “SharePoint Power Searching Using ContentClass” from ‘SharePoint Server MVP Mike Smith’ to learn more about ContentClasses in general.

We have prepared a remarkable example for you in the next section though.

Like we just said, as an example, you may want to search for certain lists on a regular basis. Let’s start with the List ‘Announcements panagenda’.

Simply let the simulation bot perform the search for e.g.

  • “contentclass=STS_List_Announcements panagenda” or
  • “contentclass=STS_List_DocumentLibrary A/B/C”

and OfficeExpert will verify if the respective ContentClass exists and content is being loaded inside of the lists. With this, you make sure that there are no error pages and missing connections that need your attention. Your users will thank you for keeping the most important pages up and running even when someone accidentally changes an URL.

Simulation by simulation you will know more about your performance base line for SharePoint. This helps you to learn about your environment’s behavior and where you have to take action immediately. It also provides you with knowledge about what to consider in your next projects.

All measurement results are stored for historic analysis in the data warehouse – all data resides in your OfficeExpert appliance and stays in your environment. It can easily be consumed either in the browser interface of OfficeExpert or via the panagenda PowerBI template.

In the example below, you can see the time series of all the measurement data entry points of a particular Bot (performed against a certain SharePoint site).

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