The analysis and processing of Big Data to Useful Data is one of our core competences. This is important to us in order to achieve our goal of simplifying your day-to-day work and reducing your TCO (Total Costs of Ownership). With our brand new IBM Domino Splunk Connector, you can easily integrate your IBM Domino data into Splunk and gain important information and insights.

Presenting our new IBM Domino Splunk Connector, we were also at this year’s Splunk Conference 2016, together with our partner bluecue.

After so many customers asking for this data, we even considered developing something ourselves. When we found the solution from panagenda we were quite excited and it hit the nail on the head. Now it’s enabling us to do everything we were looking for and generates new business.

— Splunk Partner

I’m delighted to have attended the conference in Orlando in person. This way I was able to get feedback on our new solution first hand. The responses from Splunk internal developers, partners, and interested parties were overwhelming. The significance of the transmitted data as well as valuable insights into safety questions, were received particularly positively.

Finally getting access to all that Domino information was important for us. We especially liked the possibility to get most of the data pre-aggregated, so the impact to Splunk licensing costs is minimal.

— Splunk Customer

With this solution, panagenda has created an unprecedented access to security relevant domino data in the Splunk environment. Discussions with Splunk developers and trade fair visitors also showed that the security aspect is of particular importance for many companies. This area of interest will influence our product development of the IBM Domino Splunk Connector by striving to extend visualizations of important security aspects.

The Domino environment is a completely untapped as a data source. We know a lot of our customers also have Domino and are looking to integrate their collaborative data into Splunk. The panagenda solution makes such a strong case for and especially beyond Security.

— Splunk Developer