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September 18, 2020 | 11:00 pm (CET)

Securely connect to your infrastructure with HCL Nomad Clients using SSL

Embracing HCL SafeLinx to secure & simplify the external connection to your internal infrastructure.
The good thing about HCL Nomad is that your users can access all your Domino applications on the go. The bad thing about that is: Everyone suddenly wants to access all your Domino apps on the go!
How do you securely connect users to your Domino servers? To Sametime, Traveler, or Verse? The answer is: HCL SafeLinx!

What you will learn

  • Nomad access with and without Domino servers in a DMZ
  • Access to Verse with Sametime integration (browser), Traveler and Sametime (both mobile app and browser)
  • High availability support

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