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May 06, 2021 | 11:00 pm (CET)

We Love Microsoft Teams, But We Hate Call Quality Troubleshooting

IT administration and support has shifted their focus over the past few years – USER experience is now CRUCIAL.
Enterprise organizations are looking for ways to improve usage and adoption for technologies at the heart of digital transformation, especially Microsoft Teams for calls and meetings. This has prompted IT support groups to find better methods to track and identify quality issues, especially for users working remotely.
Traditional network monitoring tools are optimized for data centers and centralized office locations where employees would access SaaS cloud applications from the corporate infrastructure. These tools no longer work in today’s enterprise landscape with many users working from home. Instead, enterprises need a holistic monitoring tool that provides end-to-end visibility into the employee experience, regardless of where they are working.

What you will learn

  • Proactive monitoring for home office network performance
  • Identify slow ISP’s causing poor call quality for remote users
  • Detailed analytics for end-point computers (CPU, memory usage, patch levels, etc.)
  • Fast troubleshooting for call quality issue resolution

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