Two brand new Sensors extend the feature portfolio of our progressive server monitoring solution GreenLight:

With the comprehensive Docker Statistic Sensor you keep an eye on all statistics and the health status of a docker host. And the mighty REST Service Sensor allows you to transmit different REST API calls. Yes, it’s true: With GreenLight 3.2 it’s actually possible to transmit GET/POST API calls and to execute actions based on the response.

According to the Sensor definition in the following example (see screenshot), an IBM Connections file download via API will be performed automatically by GreenLight. The API itself checks all relevant components such as the File Application, Fileshare, etc. As such, GreenLight gets an HTTP 200 code as a response if everything is in order. If not, GreenLight will receive a different HTTP code (see IBM Wiki):

This new REST Service Sensor opens up countless new possibilities in the field of server monitoring which you can exploit with GreenLight 3.2.