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New panagenda White Paper Describes the Necessity for Endpoint Monitoring to Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams Call Quality Issues

Vienna, September 17, 2021 – panagenda, Inc., the leading provider of digital experience monitoring and data analytics tools for Microsoft 365 and Teams, announces the release of its new white paper ‘Digital Experience Monitoring & Troubleshooting for Microsoft Teams Call Quality‘ focused on using endpoint telemetry data to effectively monitor and troubleshoot Microsoft Teams call quality issues.

by Karl Sand

In this white paper, we provide IT leaders with a playbook of best practices to help troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Teams calling. Why?  Because over the past 18 months the usage for Teams has grown exponentially.  As reported by Microsoft in July 2021 there are now over 250 million monthly active users.

However, the free tools provided to monitor and troubleshoot Teams call quality issues have been lacking. And traditional network and digital experience monitoring tools are optimized for data centers and centralized office locations where employees access SaaS cloud applications from the corporate infrastructure. These tools no longer work in today’s enterprise landscape with many users working remotely. Instead, enterprises need holistic monitoring tools that provide end-to-end visibility into the employee digital experience, regardless of where they are working.

Through our recent engagements with enterprise organizations around the world we have identified that

24% of employees experience call quality issues every week, and it is rarely Microsoft’s fault.

Without the intelligent insights to remediate these problems they continue to linger and cause frustrations for knowledge workers. The impacts on organizations include:

  1. Delayed rollouts for Microsoft Teams
  2. Extensive hours of manual research and troubleshooting by senior IT engineers
  3. Complaints from executives working remotely
  4. Unnecessary costs to maintain legacy telecom systems
  5. Lagging ROI for strategic productivity gains from Microsoft collaboration platform

Spotlight sections in the white paper include the following:

  • Understanding why the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) information from Microsoft only provides a high-level view of the problems
  • Identifying endpoint performance issues during Teams calls (CPU / Memory Usage, Processes Consuming Resources, Headset Engaged, etc.)
  • Gathering crucial tracking details from the home network and ISPs (WiFi Signal Strength, Dropped Packets, Hop Count, Round-Trip Times, Peering Distance, etc.)
  • Real-world examples of how panagenda’s OfficeExpert helps customers around the world optimize their Microsoft 365 deployments to increase operational efficiency

To download a free copy of the white paper, click the link below.

The white paper is intended for organizations that have already made the move to Microsoft 365, or are currently planning their migration, and want to know how they can proactively monitor and troubleshoot Teams call quality issues quickly.

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Over the past 14 years, panagenda ( has focused on providing intelligent software solutions to support the digital transformation for enterprise organizations around the world. Our innovative software products provide the detailed analytics, actionable insights, and admin automation to empower IT operations teams with more efficient management over their IT collaboration platforms.

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