To help you analyze your application landscape, IBM customers with up-to-date maintenance contracts have access to a free entitlement version of panagenda ApplicationInsights until April 10, 2018. The sooner you install, the more value you get from your entitlement.

MarvelClient Helps You Reach Your Goals Faster

For the optimization or migration of your IBM Notes clients, our client management solution panagenda MarvelClient offers a number of proven modules and innovations:

Designed to match the IBM Notes client versions, MarvelClient Basic and Standard are the new names for our module combinations to reduce IBM Notes client administration and help desk efforts by up to 80%: MarvelClient Basic includes Analyze, Migrate and Manage, whereas the Standard package also includes all previous Eclipse modules.

By the way, both packages are also ideal companions for migration projects as they provide necessary insights into the client landscape to be migrated and can also be used for client-side tasks, e.g. Managing, changing and removing desktop icons and bookmarks, customizing local contacts, custom email decryption, or analyzing and centralizing local archives.

MarvelClient Upgrade helps you optimize your existing IBM Notes clients through unique and simple upgrades and updates, and helps you with your migration projects to Microsoft Outlook (whether for IMSMO, Exchange or Office 365), ICAA, new browsers, and more.

MarvelClient Cloud offers you the perfect solution for a fast and seamless migration into the IBM Cloud. From Cloud Readiness Check to Zero-Click Cloud Onboarding and everything in between.

A new and fundamentally revised version of the former GroupExplorer Automate will see the light of day in the coming weeks as MarvelClient Automate: Combined with SecurityInsider, it can now manage desktop icons, bookmarks and local replicas (for all or selected databases) much faster, easier and more flexibly and with regard to your server balance. This way each employee receives exactly the databases they have access to, incorrect and altered desktop icons and bookmarks are automatically corrected, excess icons are removed, and missing icons, bookmarks and replicas are added – all without additional configuration. And, in conjunction with ApplicationInsights, you can easily remove all desktop icons and bookmarks for applications that are no longer used. Overall, MarvelClient Automate ensures highly efficient and ongoing operation as well as optimal migration and consolidation.

MarvelClient Roaming supports laptops, desktops, and virtual clients, including those in the IBM Cloud, providing up to an unrivaled 95% less disk space, network traffic, and backup volume.

Last but not least, MarvelClient Mail combines our well-known modules Zip + Unzip, Attachment Blocking and Mail Blocking into a single package for the optimization of your emails.

MarvelClient for Outlook and more

We’re absolutely delighted to officially announce the first MarvelClient module for Microsoft Outlook for the coming month of September. Zip+Unzip compresses files that are sent and unpacks files that are received, and it does so at the most optimal time: when the files are attached or saved.

You can continue looking forward to more exciting innovations from panagenda in the weeks and months leading up to the end of the year. These range from exceptional innovations for ApplicationInsights and ConnectionsExpert, to completely new solutions like MarvelClient for Windows (not to be confused with the Windows Version of MarvelClient for IBM Notes) and a completely new member of the panagenda portfolio, which we will report on in the fourth quarter.

Whether analysis, optimization, modernization, transformation or migration: You’re on the safe side with panagenda.