As always, there is a slew of improvements and additions. The two core topics this time around were Roaming and Automate.
Let’s have a closer look:

Roaming changes

Our Roaming module has always provided a fast and efficient, unparalleled solution for many scenarios; from classic roaming users, over improving Citrix performance to fast disaster recovery – MarvelClient is there.

With MarvelClient 6 we’ve improved several aspects of this functionality:

  • Alternatives to fileset-based roaming
    So far, MarvelClient Roaming only worked properly via file system/file server. Some customers want to move away from such setups, so we now support new targets for Roaming actions: http via WebDAV, http via Domino, and FTP. The http-based variants support single-sign-on via SPNEGO (Kerberos and NTLM), and all of them work before login.
  • Organize your backup sets
    With new placeholders you can now store daily, weekly and/or monthly backups. No matter how long a user waits to notify you after they ran into an issue, there will always be a proper backup available! The new Roaming Cleanup action makes sure old backup sets get removed, keeping everything in shape.
  • Better performance
    We’ve tweaked the Backup action to reduce network and file server load. Additionally, there now is a new way of roaming names and journal databases: Limited Replica. Reduces the size of a backup set by a third or more!

MarvelClient Automate

Formerly GroupExplorer Automate, this functionality has been re-branded as part of MarvelClient. Don’t worry, this will not affect your existing installations – they will keep working fine.

But we didn’t only change the name:

  • The feature now also extends to Bookmarks
  • If a user doesn’t have access to a database managed by Automate, its icons and bookmarks will now be automatically removed; making it much more suitable to only manage a subset instead of all your applications.
  • The UI in the Config database has been made much clearer and consistent

For those not in the know: What is Automate?

This MarvelClient module allows you to efficiently manage desktop, replicator page, local replicas, and bookmarks – scaling up to tens of thousands of applications/mailfiles and users. Links to relevant databases pointing to the right servers are provided to everyone, while removing databases they cannot access. In other words, MarvelClient Automate is the way to go when keeping your IBM Notes and ICAA clients in sync with your Domino database landscape for ongoing operations, migration and consolidation projects, application sunsetting and supporting application lifecycle management, all with minimal cost and effort.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Windows application usage: collect (anonymized) data about which Windows applications people really use, and how much.
  • Database scanner: find Notes databases outside of the data directory
  • macOS support: Previously, only a limited set of functionality was available on this platform. MarvelClient 6 on macOS now matches the Windows version and will stay on the same feature level from now on.
  • Eclipse Analyze: See all the details about your Standard Client, including plugins and settings.
  • NFL/SAML support: new login mode that works with federated login.
  • Analyze Mail Archives: Find all the mail archives users have on their machines.
  • Stub actions.xml: run actions before login during initial setup.

You can find all the details (and even more improvements) under Release Notes in the MarvelClient Help database.