Analyze your Domino Apps from every angle.

Understand DESIGN and DATA to credibly deliver your next modernization project on time and on budget.

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Identify the complexity of your Domino applications


Design Complexity Ranking

iDNA Applications automatically analyzes application design elements and code segments to rank their complexity level.
Quickly separate your simple applications and focus on in-depth assessments for the more costly redevelopment efforts.


Data Migration Insights

Accurately estimating the level of effort to migrate historic data from a Domino application requires in-depth analysis on the .NSF repository.
iDNA Application solves this challenge and makes Domino data analysis easy. The system automatically categorizes the information and provides the analytics using insightful reports on File Attachments, Records Sizes and Date Ranges, plus security issues such as Encryption and Reader Names fields.


Code Diagnostics

iDNA Application automatically analyzes all source code, including Lotuscript agents and libraries, to reveal your redevelopment project efforts.
All code segments are stored within the iDNA Application repository so you can search for common elements between different Domino applications and ensure you do not rebuild the same functions twice.


Design Insights

iDNA Application provides detailed analytics based on the design functions, content, and usage patterns for your Domino applications to help you choose the best target platform for migration.
The system also provides information on backend integration with other systems to identify dependencies for consideration during migration project scoping.

Get Big Wins Before You Begin

Reduce Project Scope Before You Begin

Before your modernization or migration project even starts, you can reduce your scope and get some quick wins. Visualize your analytics, gain insights, and make better decisions.

  • Auto-discover and group similar applications by design elements
  • Immediately identify unused applications for archiving
  • Save your developers time by identifying code similarities in your applications
  • Find other alternatives for seldom used applications
Planning Your Complex Projects is Easy

Accurate Planning for Your Complex Projects

Understand the complexity of your Domino applications and the data stored within. Knowing the full picture enables more accurate project planning.

  • Optimize your project with our unique Code Complexity Rating
  • Identify any pitfalls from data security issues or LARGE file attachments
  • Improve project estimates to deliver on time and on budget
Get to Grips with the Costs

Estimate Project Costs based on REALITY

Complex app migration projects come with wide-ranging cost guestimates. Now you can use Facts and Metrics to model your project costs and more quickly gain approval from your management group.

  • Take advantage of accurate, fact-based design requirements
  • Validate content storage requirements needed for target repository
  • Understand application usage metrics separated by department
Knock Down the Roadblocks in Your Way

Navigate Roadblocks that Might Derail Project Success

When you know in advance where your obstacles lay, you can navigate around them or build bridges to cross them without delays.

Featured Use Cases


Reduce Scope for Migration Estimates

Start your migration project with a sound estimate. iDNA Applications identifies and groups apps that are very similar and probably based on the same template. Reduce the scope of your migration estimate by 20-40% by avoiding having similar applications re-developed two, three or more times from scratch.


Discover and Analyze Enterprise-wide Content

Like a move, modernization and migration projects are not only about moving the furniture, but also the content. iDNA Applications automatically inspects the data stored in your Domino applications, so you can create a super accurate project estimate and reduce the risk of failure.


Easily Identify Unused Applications

iDNA helps you easily deliver your first, major quick project win. It automatically analyzes your applications looking at usage. You’ll be able to make fact-based decisions about which applications should be migrated or modernized and those that can be ignored.

idan usecase Knock_Down

Knock Down Project Roadblocks

Whether you’re migrating mail, web enabling Notes apps, or moving to the cloud, roadblocks are somewhere in your path ahead. iDNA uses a two-prong solution that no other vendor offers to knock those obstacles out of the way.


Boost Project Cost Efficiency

Dealing with costs in complex projects is in and of itself complex. From start to finish, iDNA identifies opportunities for you to optimize project costs and helps answer the most difficult questions. Let iDNA show you the way to bring them under control.


Make Complex Projects Easy

Proper planning is essential to successfully deliver complex projects on time and on budget. Modernizing and migrating Notes/Domino can be amongst the most difficult projects you’ll ever be asked to deliver. However, start with the right information, and even the most complex tasks can be easy to plan.

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