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The CEO Just Called Your Boss. His MS Teams calls keep dropping! What do you do?



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With Microsoft Teams replacing your organization’s phone system, it is imperative that MS Teams calls quality to be consistent and reliable, especially for executives. When problems arise, you need to react quickly, spotlight the problem, and get it fixed. But without the detailed telemetry data to do the research, reported issues to go unresolved by most IT groups. This is painfully true for remote workers where IT has visibility gaps for home networks, ISPs, and endpoint computer performance.
Traditional monitoring and network management tools are no longer effective in today’s Work-from-Anywhere environment.  They leave too many blind spots for performance troubleshooting, especially for Microsoft Teams call quality. And what about those regular users that won’t ever report issues to the Help Desk? They will continue to suffer in silence with a poor digital experience until someone comes to the rescue. That could be IT Operations if they had the actionable insights to guide the way. 

They could be the hero in this story.

Please join us for this webinar on October 4 where you will receive an introduction to OfficeExpert, a next-level Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution. This SaaS product provides end-to-end visibility to measure the performance of Microsoft Teams from the end-user perspective. It brings all the information to your fingertips in a single pane of glass. If you want to know the truth about your employees’ digital experience, quickly fix the issues reported by executives, and proactively help those users suffering in silence, you need a modernized DEM solution like OfficeExpert.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this timely information.

What you will learn

  • Fast troubleshooting for MS Teams calls quality issue resolution
  • Real-time performance monitoring for Teams calls and meetings
  • Spotlight issues with endpoint computers (CPU, memory usage, background processes, etc.)
  • Identify slow ISPs causing poor performance
  • And more…

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