Hello MarvelClient customers and friends. We trust you’ve all seen the big launch of Notes 12. If not, take a look at what’s new, get excited, and start planning your upgrade. Should you prefer a look behind the curtain with a more personal touch, HCL Ambassadors Chris Adler and Marc Thomas have you covered in their Notes 12 unboxing webinar. Catch a replay now!

With this we can also release MarvelClient 12 for you. Run OnlineUpdate to get it, test it, and roll it out!

Important: Make sure you upgrade to MC 12 BEFORE you upgrade your Notes client. While MC 12 is completely backwards compatible with previous versions of Notes, MC 11 will only work with clients up to version 11.0.1.

If you’re a current customer on active maintenance, this latest release is already available to you. Please contact support (support@panagenda.com) if you have questions.

If you are using MC Essentials, MC 12 comes with the new client. It is also available to you via OnlineUpdate if you want to use it on older Notes clients or have modified the default install.

Notes Upgrades don’t have to be scary

You know it just as well as we do: A new release means upgrading a critical piece of infrastructure, and that always comes with pains and challenges. Sadly, we can’t just wave a magic wand to get rid of them for you. We can get pretty darn close though!

Step-by-step guideswebinarseBooks, and most importantly products: everything you need to not only get it done, but get it done on time and under budget. Hundreds of satisfied customers, like Nolte Küchen, and hundreds of thousands of successfully upgraded clients can’t be wrong.

And: If you don’t want to do it yourself, or just want some help to get going, our world-class team of Notes consultants has you covered. All you need to do is ask!

Getting started

If you’re new to all of this, MarvelClient Essentials is a great starting point (and free!). You can get an overview of your current Notes client infrastructure to identify what needs to be done and start planning.

The newest version of Essentials is already included with Notes and Domino 12. There’s even an amazing new no-touch activation of MarvelClient Essentials built-in to Domino 12. You can do it right from the Domino Directory. Read here to find out more.

Questions? Need help? Want a pointer to find the right resources? Contact us.

P.S.: There’s a new, exciting announcement about MarvelClient Upgrade coming very soon. If only I would be allowed to spill the secret already 😊 Stay tuned!