Keep Your Workforce Seamlessly Connected – at Work, at Home & On The Road

Workforce Productivity Anywhere, Anytime!

Modern workforces are more distributed and dynamic than ever. They consume Domino applications and mail from home offices, business locations, client sites and anywhere else on-the-go.


As a result, the network conditions users face are ever-changing and unpredictable. This hurts the ability of enterprises and organizations to ensure that workers get the HCL Notes performance they need to be productive, wherever they may be.


Mitigate the risk of a disconnected and discontented workforce. With MarvelClient Realtime, your employees can work from anywhere and conduct business activities with an on-site-like experience. Ensure productivity, maintain security, stay in control, and reduce cost at the same time.

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Optimize Remote User Connectivity

Optimize connectivity by redirecting users to the geographically appropriate server automatically and in real-time. Significantly increase network efficiency to enable fast, remote connectivity at scale.

Accelerate Business-Critical App Performance

Maximize performance and elevate mail-file and application availability without HCL Notes client restart.

Improve Digital Experience and Security

Optimize user experiences by ensuring apps are available, functional, fast, and efficient. Security settings prohibit harmful database operations and keep your data and databases safe and sound.

Business Outcomes​

Ensure the Success of Digital Workplace Evolution

Automatic real-time allocation of optimal Domino servers across changing work locations elevates user experience and performance across any network and workload by eliminating performance issues caused by inefficient server connections and unpredictable network latency.​


Connections are optimized even if the HCL Notes clients of the users are idle.

Best Connectivity​

MarvelClient Realtime automatically detects switches between LAN, WAN, VPN, office buildings, floors, cities, countries and continents and automatically assigns the optimal server instantly.​

Greater Agility​

Customization allows adjustment of default settings and definition of preferred servers by location. Achieve greater agility and control, and to keep people productive from anywhere. You’ll add capacity without adding headcount - and give IT teams time for more strategic work. ​

Prevent Attacks & Hacks​

Supporting hassle-free work while simultaneously keeping data secure can be tricky. Flexible policy controls protect databases from deletion, restrict access to sensitive content, or prohibit creation of local replicas or databases.

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