Automatically Synchronize Your Changes Made on the Server with Clients

Deliver Value Faster with Highly Automated Notes Client Workspaces

Digital workplace requirements are constantly changing as employee needs and situations evolve. That’s why it is key that Notes clients need to be hyper-available, hyper-elastic, and seamlessly adaptable to emerging scenarios.


Relieve the burden on your IT operations team by automating time-consuming and tedious Notes client management tasks.


Easily govern large automation processes with end-to-end visibility and centralized control over all server and client changes, reliably and securely.

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Increase Efficiency

Changes made on your Domino servers can be automatically applied to your Notes clients’ tiles, bookmarks, and replicas. Business units can manage their own applications, clients will update accordingly automatically.

Your Needs at Speed of Light

From full application lifecycle management integration to just cleaning up deprecated applications, you are in control. Easily integrate with other tools or data sources to trigger and control actions.

Benefit from Greater Resilience

Your teams are no longer forced to spend precious time on tedious, repetitive administration. This in turn helps to increase productivity, efficiency and resilience.

Built-in Intelligence​

Drive higher productivity and new ways of working by leveraging paradigm-shifting automation functionality.​

Scalable Automation Capabilities

Add, change, and remove desktop icons, bookmarks, replicator page entries and local replicas automatically for each individual user.

Application Lifecycle Management

Not only deploying but also sunsetting applications becomes easy and can be integrated into other processes.

Market-leading Out-of-the-box Insights

Know exactly which applications and mailfiles exist in your organization and which users have access to them based on their access rights.

Flexible Integration

MarvelClient Automate can be easily connected to any data source to take action on insights delivered by other tools (even non-panagenda products).

Business Outcomes

Reduced Employee Workload & Improved Productivity

With MarvelClient Automate, teams are no longer forced to spend valuable time on tedious administrative tasks. This, in turn, helps to increase productivity.


With fewer processes and routine tasks holding them back, your team members can achieve more.

Higher Accuracy

Manual administration of Notes clients is prone to human errors. So, one of the benefit of automation is that it can take over manual configuration tasks for you - reducing the risk of human error.
Each employee gets exactly the databases he or she has access to, false and changed tiles and bookmarks are automatically corrected, the excess is removed, and missing tiles, bookmarks, and replicas are added.

Faster ROI

Automating administrative processes also helps you save costs. MarvelClient Automate doesn't get tired or stretched. So you can do more with fewer resources. In other words, automating the management of tiles, bookmarks and local replicas becomes much faster, easier and more flexible - all within your server budget.


Changes to access control done by an application specific-manager are automatically reflected on all clients by adding or removing the respective tiles, bookmarks, and replicas. Your IT team doesn‘t have to deal with change requests and tedious tasks, and your business units get things done faster and independently.

Industry Validated. Client Loved.

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