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Transform your organization’s ability to deliver measurable and sustainable outcomes with MarvelClient Basic

A significant paradigm shift for HCL Notes and Nomad. MarvelClient Basic is at the heart of your HCL Notes and Nomad ecosystem management. It gives you the power to configure, provision, manage, deploy, monitor, measure, and secure every every aspect of every client in your organization.


Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, save time, strengthen security, and optimize the user and customer experience from a central location – from day one.

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Surface Insights Easily

Auto-discover your Notes client ecosystem in minutes. Get the insights you need to transform and scale your operational efficiency to the next level.

Get More Done, Faster

Multiply your team‘s productivity. Free up time by eliminating tedious tasks. Get your job done faster, with more control, and impact you can measure and prove.

Reduce Risk and Boost Operational Excellence

Prevent problems instead of fixing them after the fact. Accelerate troubleshooting, streamline processes, increase reliability, and reduce help desk tickets by up to 80%.

Elevate Your Employees‘ Experience

Fast and stable clients that just work. Users can focus on their job. Deliver service and client performance that exceeds expectations, enables maximum productivity, and guarantees satisfaction.

Built-in Intelligence​

Apply automated monitoring, discovery, analytics, and remediation to identify, adapt, and unlock business opportunities and reduce risk.​

Automatic Data Readout

Analyze more than 250 client, OS, and hardware data points like install location and type, Locations, workspace icons, local replicas, memory, and OS version.

Centralized Management

Manage every aspect of the client: Desktop, Bookmarks, local replicas, user preferences, notes.ini, Locations, Connections, and more.

Citrix Accelerator

Achieve Citrix, WTS, and VDI performance similar to locally installed clients.

Self-Healing Functionality

Automatically repair, reset, and adapt Notes and Nomad client configuration on every startup to minimize downtime and reduce help desk calls by up to 80%.

Fast and Reliable

Transparent to the end-user, it gets the job done without delaying their work. Process over 15.000 changes per second. It just works.

Adaptive Rule-Sets

Control every aspect of MarvelClient with powerful, adaptive rule-sets. Give every user what they need, when they need it – with ease.

Business Outcomes

Build an Insight-Enabled Notes and Nomad Infrastructure

From the IT team to the end user to the bottom line, not having a holistic view over all of your infrastructure impacts every part of your business.

Wasted costs and time, reduced productivity, low reactivity, unhappy users are usual impacts of not having full visibility into all areas of the infrastructure. The result: frustration for the IT team and the end user.


Easily discover and assess every aspect of your Notes and Nomad environments with MarvelClient Basic. Deliver detailed and actionable recommendations that massively improve the governance of your client infrastructure, make your teams more productive and your business more efficient.

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See Everything

Get a broader view of your Notes environment. One that includes unparalleled insights into hardware details, utilization specifics, OS and Notes/Nomad versions, bookmarks, locations, local replicas, user settings, replicator pages and much more to build a more reliable, scalable, and agile Notes/Nomad infrastructure.

Improve Compliance

Consistently keep track of the health and performance of your environment. Easily view large amounts of data in real-time and a user-friendly way, allowing your IT operations team to instantly identify trends and anomalies across all your Notes and Nomad clients.

Ease of Use

All data is automatically collected and presented in a meaningful way, allowing you to make detailed and actionable recommendations that will massively improve your users’ experience and drive higher productivity.

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Streamline your Infrastructure and Increase Operational Efficiency

The more complex your Notes and Nomad infrastructure, the more time your IT operations team spends managing it.

Running multiple setups of hardware components, operating system versions, client versions and configurations not only adds complexity, effort, and cost, but also reduces efficiency and slows innovation.


Free your people from Notes and Nomad management so they can focus on work that drives the business forward. By streamlining your systems, you will not only save massively on costs and resourcing hours but also drive higher productivity and operational excellence.

Streamlined Operations

Save thousands of hours in employee productivity by standardizing your client infrastructure and eliminating complexity. By cutting down on the number of operating system versions, Notes and Nomad versions and configurations to be supported and managed, organizations can save up to 25% on costs and resourcing hours.

Boosted Productivity

Drive higher productivity and new ways of working by automating tasks, streamlining workflows, and leveraging unique self-healing capabilities. Simplify administration, reduce workarounds, increasing availability and reduce helpdesk tickets by up to 80%, so your teams can focus on more important outcomes.

More Value from Personnel

Free up your staff’s time and unburden them from mundane work, so they can focus on the things they do best and enjoy more: working on innovative, more valuable projects that create a place where they actually want to work. By streamlining your Notes/Nomad landscape and automating tasks, your people are free to innovate at speed, keep pace with technological and industry change, and cultivate greater resilience.

Differentiate Your Business

Transform and manage your Notes and Nomad ecosystem at enterprise scale and in full accordance with your IT policies from a single pane of glass.


Drive the speed of innovation, keep pace with technological and industry change, enhance productivity, and improve reliability and quality with MarvelClient Basic.

Unleash the full power of your Notes and Nomad ecosystem and transform the way you work to achieve better business outcomes.

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Faster Transformation

Take your operations to the next level, accelerate your digital strategy, and transform the lives of your employees and customers. Whether you want to modernize your digital workplaces, simplify infrastructure management, maintain security and compliance, or gain operational speed and agility, MarvelClient Basic gives you the power you need to achieve your goals faster.

Greater Resilience

Consolidating your client landscape, using continuous monitoring and prioritizing alerts to detect configuration deviations early, identifying vulnerabilities and security risks, and fixing issues before they become incidents will make your system more resilient and robust! Better position your organization to overcome disruptions and be prepared for unexpected challenges.

Major Cost Savings

With one of the fastest speeds-to-value, greatest ROIs, and lowest TCOs in the industry, we’re certain that MarvelClient Basic’s paradigm-shifting functionality and powerful capabilities can deliver the success you’re looking for.

Explore how MarvelClient will transform your business.

Why is MarvelClient so popular with IT operations teams from startups to large enterprises?

Customer Stories

Nolte Küchen GmbH & Co. KG

panagenda Nolte Küchen logo image

Elevating the Notes Experience

Germany‘s most popular kitchen manufacturer maximizes visibility and IT operational efficiency for its HCL Notes clients with panagenda MarvelClient.

CSS Kranken-Versicherung AG

Leading Swiss insurance group CSS brings increased operationality, automation, and user experience to over 3200 HCL Notes clients. All thanks to panagenda’s MarvelClient.

SMC Corporation of America

SMC produces pneumatic parts for manufacturing, mining and health care applications.

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