Upgrade HCL Notes in Minutes Not Hours

The Art of Upgrading HCL Notes​

Organizations that remain stuck in the past with technology, infrastructure, applications will lose the race against more agile, responsive and innovative competitors.


Imagine upgrades that take minutes instead of hours and get you to your target configuration in a single step. Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, save time, strengthen security, and optimize user and customer experiences – all at the same time.


Transform your organization’s ability to deliver measurable and sustainable outcomes with MarvelClient Upgrade – a paradigm shift from traditional upgrading.

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Experience Innovation

Stay up to date with HCL’s latest innovations, meet business and employee expectations and achieve operational excellence.

Move Faster

Easily configure, launch and track your upgrades centrally. Auto-deploy and upgrade clients 5x faster and without any user interaction.

Create Value

Maximize client availability during the upgrade process. Reduce the risk of production downtime as well as helpdesk tsunamis and increase user engagement and experience through upgrades with a 100% success rate.

Built-in Intelligence​

MarvelClient Upgrade handles the most demanding upgrade requirements, delivering an experience simple enough for practically anyone to adopt.

Automated Deployment

Full automation of upgrade deployments makes it easy for you to distribute new releases reliably and quickly. Single to multiuser installations or vice versa.

Upgrade 5x Faster

Automatically validate HCL Notes client settings, fix errors and exceptions, clean up superfluous directories, and greatly accelerate the creation of upgrades and updates.

Self-Healing Efficiency

Seamlessly upgrade in a single step without end-user interaction and disrupting anyone’s work. Industry-leading self-healing capabilities reduce helpdesk effort by 80%.

Absolute Flexibility

Upgrade from any install type and version to any desired target version. No need to install intermediate versions, write scripts and customize installers.

Seamless Integration

Runs on any version of Windows, pairs nicely with solutions like Citrix® and scales with your ecosystem. No matter what lies ahead, you can emerge stronger. Today and tomorrow.

Instant Visibility

Gain out-of-the-box insights into your entire HCL Notes infrastructure eliminating the need for error-prone manual scans.

Centralized Control

Install fix-packs, language packs, HCL Sametime, upgrade or cross-grade HCL Notes clients and more from one central pane.

Upgrade Scalability​

Auto-deploy even large upgrade packages in a network friendly, throttled way. Fix all errors during upgrade automatically.

Adaptive by Default

Running a mix of single-and multi-user installs, dozens of different HCL Notes client and fix pack versions? The software automatically adapts to the current installation of the respective end user.

Business Outcomes

Streamline IT Management and Increase Operational Efficiency

The more complex your HCL Notes infrastructure, the more time your IT team spend managing it. An HCL Notes ecosystem made up different hardware components, operating system versions, Notes versions and Notes configurations, each with its own maintenance requirements.


Standardizing your HCL Notes ecosystem through upgrades reduces the complexity of your system as a whole. This minimizes both management overhead and ongoing operational costs.

Greater IT Stability

Improve performance and reliability with planned and frequent upgrades. New features and improvements increase productivity, enhance security and usability, and ensure you maximize performance.

Reduced Complexity

Achieve a standardized and compliant HCL Notes infrastructure to reduce the number of problems and minimize administration and helpdesk costs. Achieve a standardized and compliant HCL Notes infrastructure to reduce the number of problems and minimize administration and helpdesk costs.

Increased Productivity

Unleash your IT‘s productivity with upgrades that are blazingly fast to prepare and roll out, freeing up time for the many other challenges they face.

Enable Operational Continuity and Resilience

Today, technology is the chief facilitator of business-critical operations. It is important to stay up to date with software upgrades as it will ensure your business is running to its full potential and will avoid errors that may arise with an outdated solution.


To continue business as usual in times of disruption, reliable applications are key. If apps are unavailable or perform poorly, your workforce can’t be productive.


MarvelClient Upgrade is equipped with advanced enterprise-class features you need to ensure a secure, always-on workplace experience, especially while upgrading to new HCL Notes versions.

Uninterrupted Experience

A clean, up-to-date HCL Notes infrastructure will significantly reduce the amount of issues for your users and allow them to keep their focus on their work instead of struggling with their tools.

Assured Security

In the modern world of sharing sensitive information online, many users are concerned about their data security. Easy and fast deployment of fixes tackles and prevents the latest security vulnerabilities in operation.​

Greater Resilience

Standardized, upgraded HCL Notes clients enable your helpdesk team to diagnose and resolve issues faster and minimize business disruption.

Explore how MarvelClient will transform your business.


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Customer Stories

Nolte Küchen GmbH & Co. KG

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Elevating the HCL Notes Experience

Germany‘s most popular kitchen manufacturer maximizes visibility and IT operational efficiency for its HCL Notes clients with panagenda MarvelClient.

CSS Kranken-Versicherung AG

Leading Swiss insurance group CSS brings increased operationality, automation, and user experience to over 3200 HCL Notes clients. All thanks to panagenda’s MarvelClient.

SMC Corporation of America

SMC produces pneumatic parts for manufacturing, mining and health care applications.