Get the Best Out Of Every Email You Send Out

Empower Your Team to Excel – with Email!​

Email is still an important part of workplace communications and widely used for document sharing in HCL Notes. Unfortunately, this sharing fills up mailboxes, creates many versions of documents to float around, and causes unnecessary load on Domino servers. As a result, digital experience and collaborative innovation will suffer, and storage costs rise.


Email also is one of the primary vectors of data leakage. A small mistake can expose your secrets to a competitor or customer.


Quickly and easily get on top of email security, cost, and performance, at the source: the HCL Notes client.

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Reduce Data Storage Costs & Save on IT Expenses

Define limits for email sizes, number and volume of recipients, benefit from automatic zipping and unzipping of attached files, reduce server storage requirements by up to 40% (including DAOS) and lower IT costs.​

Simplify Manageability & Reduce Distractions​

Standardization of email policies, quick and easy configuration, and a high level of automation ensures compliance with your email policies, simplifies management and frees up time of your IT operations team.​

Speed Up Delivery & Increase User Experience​

Faster servers and reduced network traffic enable faster email communication, better collaboration, and lead to better digital user experiences.​

Ensure Continuity & Data Protection​

Prevent mass-mailings, blacklist recipients by domain or group, and block attachments from leaving the user‘s device in the first place to reliably protect you from data leakage.​

Business Outcomes

Improved Storage Utilization and Data Protection

Rules for limiting email size, blocking attachments, and automatic compression can save up to 40% of storage requirements on your HCL Notes clients and mail servers (including DAOS).


Existing hardware can be used longer, making new purchases and time-consuming setup obsolete.


Provide security where it matters. Client-based blocking lets you stop data leakage at the source, accidental or otherwise.

Maximized Control with Robust Delivery Policies

Mail blocking prevents users from sending mails that meet certain criteria. Define your own policies who can address which and how many recipients. Block emails individually according to criteria such as email size, number of recipients, email volume, and recipient tags. Apply these criteria database-specifically, depending on file name, file path, replica ID or template name.

Point-of-Origin Security

Policies for mail and attachment blocking happen in the client. Data never leaves the device, with the added benefit of lessening load on your Domino servers.

Increased Protection Against Data Leakage

Attachment blocking allows you to block certain attachment types Reliably prevent the attachment of certain files depending on size, name, format, file pattern, MD5 hash or database. based on customizable blocking rules so that the user cannot attach them to the body of the email. It works based on fingerprint Fingerprints include e.g. files of type cad, avi, mp3, mpeg, exe, dll, id, nsf, ..., so renaming the file extension is not enough to get around the blocking.

Customer Stories

Nolte Küchen GmbH & Co. KG

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Elevating the HCL Notes Experience

Germany‘s most popular kitchen manufacturer maximizes visibility and IT operational efficiency for its HCL Notes clients with panagenda MarvelClient.

CSS Kranken-Versicherung AG

Leading Swiss insurance group CSS brings increased operationality, automation, and user experience to over 3200 HCL Notes clients. All thanks to panagenda’s MarvelClient.

SMC Corporation of America

SMC produces pneumatic parts for manufacturing, mining and health care applications.

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