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From the usual sponsoring of conferences and providing expert speakers, to participation in podcasts, blogs and webinars. IBM has even honored some of our talents, above all Francie Tanner, Julian Robichaux, Femke Goedhart, Christoph Adler, Nico Meisenzahl and Christoph Stoettner, as “IBM Champions“, for their ongoing commitment to the community.

panagenda values networking. We are convinced that through the sharing of innovation and know how, that we will grow together with the community.

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Social Connections 12

Austria | Vienna

16 - 17 October

Palais Pallavicini
Josefplatz 5
1010 Vienna

Once again we are looking forward to a Social Connections Conference, but this one is slightly different. It is in the heart of Europe and only ten walking minutes away from the panagenda headquarters. Welcome to beautiful Vienna!

We are pretty happy to announce our platinum sponsorship at Social Connections 12 and welcome you to our home town with extraordinary excitement. There is not only a beautiful city to explore but also some very nice solutions we can offer you for your IBM Connections environment. Above all other things we are looking forward to talk to you!

Schedule appointment with attendees: Arne Bergmann

Social Connections 12

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